Product Brief

Rail Qualification Tracking System

Approximately 63% of attendees responding to a poll at a recent ASLRRA and CloudMoyo webinar indicated that their biggest challenge when it comes to managing compliance with FRA crew qualification and certification requirements was tracking expirations and renewals.

The response is not surprising. Lapses in tracking qualification and license expiries are not uncommon if you’re tracking and managing these types of assessments (such as medical checks, route familiarizations, and driver license checks), qualifications, and certifications manually. The critical need to have qualified and compliant crew when making crew assignments is that much easier with customizable alerts and notifications for qualification and license expiries, along with business intelligence dashboards that give you a birds-eye view into all of these metrics by craft or location.

CloudMoyo Qualification Tracking System acts as a single source of truth for all certifications qualification information and helps in the proactive management of qualification and certification programs and compliance audits – with core capabilities like email and SMS-based alerts. Designed to empower safe, compliant, and efficient operations by ensuring that only qualified crew members are assigned to their duties, QTS is powered by a cloud-based central repository, smart configurations and workflows, optimization algorithms, mobile UI, and advanced analytics.

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