CloudMoyo Operational Testing System


Ensure compliance with FRA safety regulations and administer safe, incident-free operations through streamlined efficiency tests programs and drug and alcohol checks for railroad employees

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Safety of infrastructure, employees, and environment are paramount in the highly regulated rail industry.  Freight rail operators are constantly setting up practices for ensuring compliance to FRA’s rail safety regulations, guidelines, and GCOR (General Code of Operating Rules). Operators periodically test their crew for a set of operating rules based on their job duties. A tested and qualified pool of crew goes a long way in the railroad’s ability to administer safe and regulated rail operations.

CloudMoyo’s Rail Operational Testing System (OTS) simplifies the rail operational test management program in entirety, by facilitating the planning, execution, and reporting of tests in a cloud-based environment, ensuring compliance to federal safety guidelines such as CFR Parts, OSHA, and GCOR.

Key features of CloudMoyo’s Operational Testing System (OTS)


Pre-populated and configurable rules library – Leverage a ready-to-use knowledge base of safety rules and  a configurable rules library for GCOR, HAZMAT, and geo-specific and industry-specific safety regulations


Rapid test plan creation – Rapidly create test plans at multiple levels of hierarchy and geographies in the organization


Randomized and planned crew selection – Ability to randomly select crew for test inspections with smart algorithms or leverage workflows to exercise control on crew selection


Drug and alcohol checks – Track and manage the results of drug and alcohol checks to prevent on-field incidents


Test execution and assessment – Guided interface for test inspectors to execute the test and record real-time results of the test observations


Multi-device compatibility – Native application and web interface to manage the processes on multiple devices including laptop, tablet, and mobile devices


Intuitive dashboards and pre-configured reports – Dynamic dashboards that give a real time view of parameters associated with test program to facilitate strategic decision-making process and enhance reporting


System integrations – Seamlessly connect with enterprise business systems like HRMS, CRM, and other homegrown legacy systems

Customer Success Story

North American railroad ensures higher safety standards and
increased compliance with the streamlined Operational Testing System (OTS)

CloudMoyo partnered with this Class I railroad to implement the Operation Testing System (OTS) solution across the enterprise.

This solution offered dynamic dashboards that give real-time viewing of the parameters associated with the test program to enhance decision-making and reporting. It also connected with existing systems such as ERP, SAP, and HRMS to maintain records, store crew data, and generate customized reports.

Instead of scrambling to ensure compliance with various rules, OTS contains a prepopulated rules library that could create test plans at multiple levels of hierarchy in a railway.

Customizable notifications and alerts through email and SMS are used to send out information about the test programs.

The program itself has a guided interface that enables test inspectors to execute tests and document feedback. This interface is compatible with mobile, tablet, and desktop devices.

This solution enabled inspectors to record results of drug and alcohol tests, signaling, movement, and switching.

Ultimately the railroad observed a sharp decline in rule violations and the associated penalties, and also significantly reduced the cost and effort associated in the administering testing programs for employees working in the field.

CloudMoyo Operational Testing System – Value delivered

  • Higher rules enforcement and enhanced safety standards
  • Improved compliance with FRA and other regulatory bodies
  • Eliminates manual testing efforts and reduces rigid, time-consuming paperwork.
  • Reduced training costs and evaluation cycle time
  • Save time and manual efforts by rapid, trigger-based, and repeatable creation and execution of test program
  • Easy retrieval of data for compliance and management reporting
  • 100% test coverage

Customer Testimonial

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