Waybill Management

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What is Waybill Management System?

Cloudmoyo’s Waybill Management System facilitates all business processes related to waybills including creation, modification, correction, and exchange of waybills with minimal data entry. With information available in the Waybill Management System, railroads and customers can track real-time inbound/outbound shipments and get improved visibility into the shipment lifecycle.

Intelligent process automation for Bill of Lading (BOL) and waybill creation

Centralized handling of waybill deviations, special cases, errors, and mismatches

Enhanced accuracy, error elimination, and improved processing time, leading to quality service delivery

Avoidance of setback claims with accurate routing

Simplifies rail carrier waybill interchange with EDI (404, 417, 418) transmissions


Bill of Lading Pattern

Simplify Bill of Lading creation with minimal data entry

Waybill Creation

Automate creation of all waybill formats like revenue waybill and blanket waybill

Rail Carrier Waybill Interchange

Convey key pieces of BOL, waybill data to the rail carrier network with and EDI message (404, 417, 418)

Error Handling

Rectify errors in waybill EDI’s received from railroad partners

No Bill and Overload

Correct the lapses and errors in railcars with no waybills or inaccurate weights

Hazard Management

Handle hazardous materials operations such as the printing of labels and special instructions

Shipment Tracking

Track real-time status of inbound and outbound shipments based on waybill number

Ready to provide enhanced visibility into the shipment lifecycle?

We teamed up with CloudMoyo, hosted extensive requirements sessions with IT, transportation, labor relations and payroll to customize the CloudMoyo Crew Management System (CCM) into the Mexico Crew Call system

Wayne Godlewski, Vice President of Information Technology at Kansas City Southern Railway

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