Operational Testing System

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What is Operational Testing System?

CloudMoyo’s next-generation Operational Testing System (OTS) streamlines the rail operational test management program in entirety, by facilitating the planning, execution, and reporting of tests in a cloud-based environment. OTS uses advanced analytics to intelligently configure master test plans, schedule workflows, and import multiple rules libraries to ensure compliance with FRA safety regulations and guidelines and GCOR. This solution leverages AI/ML technologies to identify trends and make recommendations to ensure more effective testing. With OTS, railroad operators or inspectors can record results of drug and alcohol testing, signaling, movement, and switching, continuing to ensure railroad safety across the organization.

Real-time reporting of test programs with hand-held devices

Eliminates manual testing efforts as well as rigid paperwork

Higher enforcement, reduced penalties, and better safety

Reduced training costs and evaluation cycle time

Interactive and intuitive UI for rapid, trigger-based, and repeatable programs

Improved compliance with FRA’s rail safety guidelines, GCOR, and OSHA


Pre-populated rules library

Leverage a ready-to-use knowledge base and rules library for GCOR

Rapid test plan creation

Configure rules and rapidly create test plans

Test execution

Rapidly execute tests with a guided interface for test inspectors

Dynamic dashboards

Get a 360° view of the parameters associated with test program in real time

Notifications and alerts

E-mail, SMS, and in-app notifications and alerts for all major incidences


Seamlessly connect with business systems SAP, ERP, and HRMS

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"We are thrilled to partner with CloudMoyo as we work towards a corporate vision of consistently being the fastest-growing, best-performing, most customer-focused transportation provider in North America."

Mike Naatz, SVP & Chief Information Officer at Kansas City Southern Railway

How railroad companies can take the next step in compliance with FRA safe work practices

For the modern railroad looking for strategies to increase compliance with FRA mandates and OSHA safety rules, there are several technology enablers that promise to support the operational, financial, regulatory, and cultural factors that ensure compliant operational practices.

Moving towards a predictive analytics approach for railroad safety and compliance with an intelligent operational testing system (iOTS)

Freight railroads have been continuously been working towards the goal of zero accidents. Through intelligent, effective ops testing leveraging AI and ML technologies, railroads are better able to ensure compliance with safety procedures, ensure safety across all locations, and comply with FRA safety rules and regulations.

Empowering your employees with technology for effective rail on-the-job training

Technology can be a powerful enabler of increased safety and more effective training in freight railroads. Railroads can leverage effective on-the-job training tools to empower an efficient workforce and ensure compliance with industry requirements for on-the-job training.

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