Intermodal Management System

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What is CloudMoyo Intermodal Management System?

CloudMoyo’s intermodal management system effectively optimizes gate and ramp operations at intermodal terminals to accelerate operational efficiency, curtailing terminal operating costs.

Higher predictability into terminal operations

Optimized planning, scheduling, and utilization of terminal crew, ramps, and equipment

Enhanced visibility for integrated billing and accounting process

Upsurge in profitability with maximized ramp utilization

Reduction in container dwell times and increase in container throughput & terminal capacity

Reduced human effort in data processing via an intuitive interface and guided prompts



Get better shipment visibility with advance container reservations

Gate operations

Uplift camera and sensor-based gate operations with Optical Character Recognition (OCR), machine learning & self-serve portals

Ramp operations

Automate ramp/de-ramp and crew allocation with demand forecasting

Seamless integration

Interface with enterprise applications like revenue management, SAP and other business systems. for enterprise-wide financial management

Service charges

Gain visibility into service invoicing, demurrage charges, drayage, and claims

Ready to gain full visibility into your intermodal operations?

"We are thrilled to partner with CloudMoyo as we work towards a corporate vision of consistently being the fastest-growing, best-performing, most customer-focused transportation provider in North America."

Mike Naatz, SVP & Chief Information Officer at Kansas City Southern Railway

Railroad Crew Management

Cloud-based Crew Management enables North American Rail to improve utilization, reduce delays with better crew satisfaction and morale

Railroad Crew Analytics

Leveraging advanced analytics, CloudMoyo enabled a Class 1 railroad operator to gain deeper insight into its crew operations

Big Data & Analytics for Class I Railroad

Leveraging cloud-based analytics, an American railroad operator is unlocking better operational efficiency and reduced time to market

Rail Hot Box Detector Analytics

Advanced analytics with predictive models help railroads to move from unplanned to planned maintenance

Business Intelligence Center of Excellence for a railway

CloudMoyo builds an advanced analytics center of excellence for American rail to reduce response times & improve efficiency

Railroad freight rate management

Read how CloudMoyo helped a shortline railroad develop a cloud based freight rate management solution.

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CloudMoyo empowers rail and transportation companies to gain greater insights, unlock efficiencies, and improve agility in operations, revenue and asset management as well as critical areas of safety, crew scheduling and maintenance. Combined with deep rail industry expertise, our cloud-based, AI-driven solutions leverage cutting edge technology to reimagine railroad digitization. 

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