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Connect: Unifying crew and safety management

Note: This is part of a 3-part series of blog posts around how freight railroads can unify crew and safety management under an integrated, cloud-based platform. You can read part 2, Analyze: Making sense of your crew data advanced analytics and BI, here, and click...

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What should employers know about drug and alcohol tests?

From the short line railroad connecting customer freight with Class I’s, to the lone truck crisscrossing the nation’s major interstates or one of the many regional airlines transporting travelers across states, drug and alcohol testing remain a key component of every...

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Why you need a contract management software for railroads

Creating, implementing, and maintaining an efficient contract management system that saves time and resources is a challenge that railroad professionals face on a day-to-day basis. With multiple contracts in various stages of the Contract Management Lifecycle (CML)...

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CloudMoyo empowers rail and transportation companies to gain greater insights, unlock efficiencies, and improve agility in operations, revenue and asset management as well as critical areas of safety, crew scheduling and maintenance. Combined with deep rail industry expertise, our cloud-based, AI-driven solutions leverage cutting edge technology to reimagine railroad digitization. 

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