CloudMoyo Rail Transportation Management Suite

CloudMoyo’s Rail Transportation Management (CRTM) suite empowers railroads to digitalize their core operations, revenue functions, and asset and crew management processes. Powered by a sophisticated optimization engine, intelligent algorithms, advanced analytics and AI/ML, CRTM offers enterprise-wide operational visibility to streamline operations, reduce costs, and drive efficiency as railroads look to accelerate digital transformation within their companies.


What are you looking to do?

Crew Management

Crew rosters, schedules, HoS, operational testing, plus hotel and taxi bookings

Asset Management

Locomotives, railcars, equipment maintenance, and distribution

Revenue Management

Interline settlement, rating and pricing, revenue forecast, and revenue waybills

Operations Management

Service design, train management, waybills, PTC, and safety

Yard and terminal

Intermodal operations, car shops, diesel shops, and terminal management

Compliance & Regulations

Union labor agreements, GCOR, FRA guidelines, and EDI messaging

Looking to accelerate digitalization of your rail enterprise?

Explore the CloudMoyo CRTM Suite

CloudMoyo Rail Transportation Management (CRTM) solution is a cloud-based solution that enables railroads to manage complex transit operations. It’s designed for all types of operators, including Class I, Regional, and Short-line.

Rail Crew Management

Rail Operations Management

Locomotive Management

Mechanical Management

Equipment Control System

Operational Testing System

Intermodal Management

Interline Settlement

Waybill Management

Revenue Management

Put your railroads on the right track applying Cloud, AI and Big Data

Assets Tracking & Management:

Monitor equipment, locomotives, and cars to meet regulatory requirements, extend life, and reduce delays.


Predictive Maintenance:

Identify future maintenance events to proactively plan repairs and deliver a safe and reliable rail network.



Gain visibility into all aspects of contracts, commercials, accounting, and collections to forecast revenue accurately.


Rail Operations:

Optimize railway operations with real-time analysis of yards, crew, vehicle, and intermodal data.

Why CloudMoyo

CloudMoyo combines rail industry domain intelligence with decades of expertise in cutting-edge product engineering, cloud platform, data analytics, and AI acumen to create a modern and reliable, digital-rail ecosystem – across freight as well and passenger, railroads, and ancillary businesses.


Technology: Expertise to digitally transform rail transportation with reliability and scalability.


Domain: Strong pool of industry experts to redefine your operations for efficiency and safety.


Focus: Executive leadership commitment to railroads.


Agility: Respond quickly to changing market dynamics with velocity and agility.


Alliances: Deep partnerships with industry bodies like ASLRRA, FRA, APTA, and the AAR.


One-Enterprise: Integrated, intelligent systems that work seamlessly across all rail functions.

"We are thrilled to partner with CloudMoyo as we work towards a corporate vision of consistently being the fastest-growing, best-performing, most customer-focused transportation provider in North America."

Mike Naatz, SVP & Chief Information Officer at Kansas City Southern Railway

Railroad Crew Management

Cloud-based Crew Management enables North American Rail to improve utilization, reduce delays with better crew satisfaction and morale

Railroad Crew Analytics

Leveraging advanced analytics, CloudMoyo enabled a Class 1 railroad operator to gain deeper insight into its crew operations

Big Data & Analytics for Class I Railroad

Leveraging cloud-based analytics, an American railroad operator is unlocking better operational efficiency and reduced time to market

Rail Hot Box Detector Analytics

Advanced analytics with predictive models help railroads to move from unplanned to planned maintenance

Business Intelligence Center of Excellence for a railway

CloudMoyo builds an advanced analytics center of excellence for American rail to reduce response times & improve efficiency

Railroad freight rate management

Read how CloudMoyo helped a shortline railroad develop a cloud based freight rate management solution.

CloudMoyo empowers rail and transportation companies to gain greater insights, unlock efficiencies, and improve agility in operations, revenue and asset management as well as critical areas of safety, crew scheduling and maintenance. Combined with deep rail industry expertise, our cloud-based, AI-driven solutions leverage cutting edge technology to reimagine railroad digitization. 

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