Accelerate Precision Scheduled Railroading with precise crew scheduling

Precision Scheduled Railroading (PSR) is a term that is sweeping across the railroad industry. It’s top of mind for leading, Class I railroads, shippers, and suppliers, as more and more railroads implement that methodology in their railways.

What started out a methodology developed by Hunter Harrison at CSX has spread across North America’s railroads. Its core focus on aggressively lowering operating costs—or the operating ratio—through asset and process utilization appeals to railroads who are looking for ways to lower costs while simultaneously run more efficiently and on-time.

The method to best accelerate this is through Precision Crew Scheduling (PCS). A subset of PSR, PCS focuses on optimizing and automating crew scheduling, utilizing predictive analytics to schedule railroad crews for the future and support the core KPIs of your railroad’s PSR initiative. PCS is what supports today’s point-to-point system (as opposed to the hub-and-spoke model of the past), moving deliveries along with minimal-to-no dwell time through precise, optimized planning. And as a result, railroads can enjoy on-time arrivals and departures, and minimal delays, deadheads, and dwell times.


CloudMoyo PSR and PCS content in Progressive Railroading



During the months of June and July, CloudMoyo has had the opportunity to be featured in Progressive Railroading’s magazines and website, focusing on providing content around PSR, PCS, and the CloudMoyo Crew Management (CCM) system.

 During the month of June, CloudMoyo published a “Problem Solver” article in the June issue of the Progressive Railroading magazine. The article was titled, “The road to Precision Crew Scheduling (PCS) is through analytics” and explored modern crew scheduling through smart, predictive analytics.

In the month of July, CloudMoyo ran a half-page leaderboard ad on the home page of the website, highlighting how CloudMoyo Crew Management (CCM) digitalizes formally manual crew scheduling processes, which supports scheduling automation for smart,more predictive scheduling.

CloudMoyo also published a half-page interview with CloudMoyo Co-Founder & CEO Manish Kedia in the July issue of the Progressive Railroading magazine, outlining how PCS accelerates PSR.


Exerts from the interview that you need to know



In the interview for Progressive Railroading, Manish shared how railroads can leverage Precision Crew Scheduling (PCS) to enable PSR and support safety and compliance. Technology enables PCS, providing scalability and new technology innovations like AI and machine learning that help railroads make smarter decisions. And with predictive analytics, railroads can conduct predictive scheduling.

“To implement PSR,” said Manish, “railroads require automation, agility, and velocity in crew scheduling—achieved through PCS. This will help crews run on time and get the train to its destination precisely on schedule.”