Cloud-based Railroads Crew Management software solution for complex operations

Railroads deal with the transportation of freight across the larger geographical spread. This requires them to ensure that properly trained personnel are deployed for the efficient and timely movement of goods. Any delay in movement results in huge financial loss to the operator. The operator also needs to ensure that railroads crew management and allocations are done based on their skill set. This also ensures increased utilization of assets and lower downtime.

Crew Scheduling

For any public transportation system, the key is to ensure that the operator is able to match the frequency of the trips. Inability to do so results in inefficient asset utilization. Empty runs or dead runs are a drain on the asset utilization at the start or end of the schedule. Inability to minimize these dead runs for each asset is a key customer challenge. The inputs from past schedules and the pattern of people movement make the scheduling efficient.

Crew Allocation

It is quite challenging for the operators to manage resources, especially when it comes to large crew allocation in a leveled fashion.  The over and under allocation makes an unleveled, uneven crew allocation. Therefore, railroad crew management is a challenging task. Driver mapping is a key parameter in ensuring higher vehicle utilization. Without historical information, achieving this is a difficult task.

How can we help?

CloudMoyo Crew Management (CCM) is a next generation, cloud-native transportation management system that addresses all the challenges of managing complex transit operations. This featured product leverages optimization capability delivering value to operators. Operations and maintenance modules ensure that all available resources are optimally utilized to maximize existing investment. The ultimate goal is to align world-class technology solutions with business profitability and environmental sustainability.

The use of cloud technology is cost effective and enables quicker time to deployment for the operators thereby leading to quicker ROI and takes advantage of mobility advancements. Leveraging modern user interface of the system enables quick and effective adoption allowing the operator to harness the power of the solution to its fullest potential.

CloudMoyo’s implementation of its Crew Management system at a North American railroad operator leverages the benefits of a cloud-native product to fulfill the required functionality with a cloud-based deployment. Apart from the standard features, CloudMoyo has also implemented a Crew Call system for the customer.

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