CloudMoyo recognized as one of the top 4 artificial intelligence
startups impacting the railway industry

Innovation analysts at StartUs Insights—a company specializing in early identification of emerging startups, technologies, and their business models—recently looked into emerging technologies and upcoming startups providing technology solutions in the rail industry, with a focus on startups working in the arena of artificial intelligence.

StartUs Insights’ article, “4 Top Artificial Intelligence Startups Impacting The Railway Industry” covered startups located across the world, from the UK to Norway, CloudMoyo was identified as the software and analytics startup impacting the rail industry with AI technologies in North America.

“The US-based startup Cloudmoyo,” wrote StartUs Insights, “develops CloudMoyo Rail Transportation Management (CRTM), a cloud, AI, and big data-based solution designed for various types of trains and operators. They provide comprehensive services for crew management, locomotive management, equipment control systems, intermodal transit management, and waybill management, to name a few.”

You can read the full article here.

CloudMoyo big data, cloud-based solutions driving rail modernization

CloudMoyo’s deep domain expertise in crew management and safety management are driving successes for our Class I and short line railroad customers. This March, short line Terminal Railroad Association of St. Louis (TRRA) announced that they have selected CloudMoyo Crew Management (CCM) solution for implementation, a solution that harnesses the power of advanced AI and analytics to optimize crew boards.

CCM uses sophisticated algorithms to factor in crew eligibility, qualifications and certifications, HoS rules, duty hours compliances, crew penalties, bidding rules, and records and vacation requests to optimize allocations and boost crew utilization to over 85%.

CloudMoyo CCM, as well as the cloud-based Operational Testing System (OTS) are part of the CloudMoyo Transportation Management Suite (CRTM). Both CCM, OTS, and the other products in the roadmap are powered by advanced analytics, intelligent algorithms, and AI to offer enterprise-wide visibility to increase efficiencies, break down data siloes, reduce costs, and streamline operations while ensuring compliance with the latest regulatory mandates.

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