Taking the smart track:
A leading North American railroad transformed its contracts
into assets in the cloud

Contracts were no stranger to this North American freight railroad. yet the very nature of the contract process in this railroad presented several challenges. Manual, paper-based processes resulted in delays, a lack of control over the contract process, dependencies on the legal department, and difficulties retrieving historical contracts for anything from land grants to leasing agreements. There was no way to review contract performance.

We understood how critical compliance to contractual obligations is, and how time-lapses could translate into service stoppages, penalties and fines, or revenue losses. So we partnered with this railroad to turn its contracts into business assets.

Bringing together our shared vision, we deployed the CloudMoyo Rail Contract Management (CRCM) solution. CRCM is built on the Azure cloud, digitally transforming this railroad’s contractual relationships as well as the entire contract management process. Here’s a glimpse at some of this contract management solution provided:      

  • Central cloud repository as a single source of truth for contract migration, storage, and retrieval
  • Flexible workflows to digitalize and shorten the contracting process
  • Integration-friendly architecture offering seamless integration with business systems and applications
  • Contract performance review for negotiation scenarios, profitability, and decision making, including capturing changes in commercial factors to avoid potential negative impact to profitability

This customer saw leveraging a cloud-based Contract Lifecycle Management (CLM) solution as the way to run their business. Download the case study to learn more about their story.

Download the success story here:

Live webinar

Opportunities for digitalization in railroad contract management

Date: Tuesday, December 8, 2020 | Time: 10 am PST

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