Best practices for qualification tracking and employee assessments

in the rail industry

“To me, the most important part of having a tracking system for qualifications is having the ability to stay ahead of what is needed…Having the ability to receive alerts or running reports allows me to see what we as a company need to do in the qualification process.”

Medical checks. Driving records. Route familiarizations. Qualifications. Briefings. On-the-job trainings. All of these come together to grant an employee working in a safety-related job a certification.

But with legacy systems and paper-based modes of qualification and certification tracking, not all of this information comes together for a railroad required to track and address employee certifications at various stages of the workforce lifecycle. To assign the right person to the right job requires real-time knowledge of certification status, operational testing data, or incident management data. The imperative? To obtain a holistic understanding of the status of employee qualifications and certifications in order to stay compliant, agile, and efficient.

In this eBook, we address the best practices behind compliant and efficient qualification tracking and employee assessments, including the technology enablers that will help you integrate crew data, processes, and systems; build out a comprehensive qualification and certification tracking process; and effectively manage workflows and processes.

Find out how to leverage the cloud to act as a central, secure repository all of your assessment, qualification, and certification records. Discover how advanced analytics can help you track, measure, and adjust your qualification tracking program. And understand how to use real-time alerts and notifications to avoid penalties and expiries.

A sneak-peak at the best practices:

  1. Access where your data is coming from
  2. Integrate workforce management
  3. Follow a comprehensive, technology-enabled process to building out a qualification certification program

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