Fast track to value: A roadmap to unifying crew and safety management in railroads

What digitalization opportunities are you pursuing in your railroad?

Meeting the demands of today requires agility. Fluctuating crew requirements and availability, changing regulatory requirements, and growing organizations are running into the limitations of legacy applications. These applications are posing barriers to achieving cost-effective operations without compromising shipment velocity, and they are compounded by a lack of integrated data, processes, and digital tools.

In this eBook, you’ll get a full picture into the need to integrate your crew and safety applications, processes, and data. Find out how integrating these applications under a scalable, secure platform can help you better streamline functions and optimize time, resources, and crew with fast time-to-value. The eBook will also cover the 3 steps you can take to integrate your crew and safety functions:

  1. Connect: Bring all your disparate systems together under a scalable, simple platform
  2. Analyze: With data from all systems accessible, you can analyze it for crew eligibility and availability, compliance, and incident causes
  3. Act: Respond to analysis and conduct compliant assignments, re-training, license renewals, and reinforcements

You’ll also get to map your crew and safety functions, including crew scheduling, qualification tracking, operational testing, and on-the-job training with technology opportunities including workflows and optimizers, automation, advanced analytics, and mobility.

Get a copy of the eBook today to learn how you can take a resilient, integrated approach to crew and safety management.

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Opportunities for digitalization in railroad contract management

Date: Tuesday, December 8, 2020 | Time: 10 am PST

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