Product Brief

Rail Crew Management System

CloudMoyo Crew Management (CCM) gives rail operators the ability to exercise control over crew operations by building intelligence and automation capabilities to the crew management and scheduling processes.

CCM seamlessly manages crew scheduling workflows, considering multiple factors including seniority, qualifications, Hours of service rules (HoS), union rules and more. Powered by a sophisticated rail decision analytics framework, it optimizes crew operating costs including crew pay, and travel expenditures while honoring a variety of crew union rules and Federal Railway Administration (FRA) regulations related to crew operations.

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CloudMoyo empowers rail and transportation companies to gain greater insights, unlock efficiencies, and improve agility in operations, revenue and asset management as well as critical areas of safety, crew scheduling and maintenance. Combined with deep rail industry expertise, our cloud-based, AI-driven solutions leverage cutting edge technology to reimagine railroad digitization.

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