Crew management doesn’t have to be
complicated or manual anymore

CloudMoyo Crew Management System

They were juggling manual scheduling. Crew managers didn’t have visibility into availability. Reporting was time-consuming…

This North American railroad’s experience may sound familiar—but these intricacies can be eliminated through automated, predictive crew management and scheduling.

They partnered with CloudMoyo to deploy the Crew Management System (CCM), a cloud-based system that they leveraged to:

  • Auto-allocate crew based on union rules, FRA regulations
  • Accept or reject duty assignments, conduct tie-ups, and leave requests with a MyCall mobile app
  • Obtain insights into crew availability and reduce dwell times
  • Track operational metrics
  • Quickly generate FRA reports
  • Save time and costs and ensure compliance

What does your crew journey look like? Discover a new approach in today’s transportation industry.

What are other railroads saying about CCM?

KCS’ vision is to consistently be the fastest-growing, best-performing, most customer-focused transportation provider in North America. The planned expansion of the CCM solution from Mexico to the U.S. supports this growth vision while delivering seamless user experience.

  • Brain D. Hancock, Executive Vice President, and Chief Innovation Officer, KCS*

*Source: Press release March 26, 2019.

CloudMoyo empowers rail and transportation companies to gain greater insights, unlock efficiencies, and improve agility in operations, revenue and asset management as well as critical areas of safety, crew scheduling and maintenance. Combined with deep rail industry expertise, our cloud-based, AI-driven solutions leverage cutting edge technology to reimagine railroad digitization.

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