Digital innovation in railroads - Part 1

Panel discussion

How Kansas City Southern is driving innovation in the interline settlement process

Shorter revenue cycle | Automate settlements | Quickly resolve disputes

Originally broadcast on Wednesday, October 28, 2020


Anthony Hatch
Senior Transportation Analyst and Consultant, ABH Consultants


Erica Wilson
Revenue Modernization, Director Revenue Systems Modernization, KCS


Bishram Keshri
Sr. Product Manager, CloudMoyo

Special guest

Manish Kedia
Co-Founder and CEO, CloudMoyo

Join rail industry analyst and leadership from Kansas City Southern Railway and CloudMoyo for an intimate, engaging panel discussion on digitalizing the rail interline settlement system process.

In this panel discussion, Anthony Hatch, Sr. Transportation Analyst and Consultant will be speaking with Erica Wilson, Revenue Modernization, Director Revenue Systems Modernization at KCS, Manish Kedia, Co-Founder & CEO at CloudMoyo, and Bishram Keshri, Sr. Product Manager at CloudMoyo, on KCS’ vision towards technology modernization, specifically in the digitalization of the interline settlement process and it’s journey towards building a first of its kind, software solution in partnership with CloudMoyo.

About CloudMoyo Interline Settlement System (ISS)

CloudMoyo ISS is an Azure-cloud based that automates key processes, enables reconciliation of data sources along with mitigation or risks and potential revenue loss through advanced analytics and business intelligence (BI) dashboards, and provides a single source of truth that users can leverage to access revenue-related data anytime, anywhere. CloudMoyo ISS interfaces with Railinc CISS and railroad partners, and improves operating efficiency with 97% concurrence in the first settlement.

Key takeaways from the discussion:


Technology levers to improve and simplify interline settlement processes


Mitigate risk and revenue loss with analytics dashboards and reporting


How to achieve 97% concurrence in the first settlement


Key steps to building a roadmap for a digital future

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