On-demand webinar

Opportunities for digitalization in railroad contract management

Originally broadcast on Tuesday, December 8, 2020


Seth Crespin
Director of Product Management, CloudMoyo


Anniesh Gupta
Director Industry Solutions and Business Development, CloudMoyo

Insights from Level Research found that 61% of organizations cite reducing costs and increasing efficiencies in contract management a top challenge. Another 57% acknowledged difficulties in managing data control and security, while 53% say a top pain point is monitoring contract milestones or expiration dates. The stakes of not addressing these pain points are high.

Who this webinar will help:

  • Legal teams
  • Commercial
  • Sales and marketing departments
  • Procurement
  • Real estate and leasing teams
  • Compliance
  • Executives

Manual contract management in the rail sector has long led to non-compliance, an increase of risk, revenue loss, and a drawn-out time-to-contract cycle. Tracking contractual obligations on both buy-side and sell-side, or ensuring compliance with labor union agreements has long been a thorn in the shoe of the railroad enterprise.

Join industry experts Seth Crespin, and Contract Anniesh Gupta at a live discussion on the opportunities for digitalization in railroad contract management, and how they address these common challenges. They will walk you through use cases from business functions like procurement, legal, commercial, and more as they demo how to quickly create and execute contracts with CloudMoyo Rail Contract Management (CRCM), the leading contract management solution built specifically for freight and passenger railroads. Seth and Anniesh will also explore the tools to standardize contract management processes, minimize risk, and track obligations.

Come hear about the future of railroad contract management from industry and contract management experts!

Key takeaways from the discussion:


The pitfalls of status quo, manual contract management


How railroads are digitalizing contracts today with cloud-based platforms


Levers like rapid contract authoring, contract governance, execution workflows, and alerts and notifications


Business transformation with AI, analytics, and accelerators for contracts


Integrating your digital contract management solution with other business systems to gain a one-enterprise view

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