Industry Perspective

Effective operational field testing for railroads with a pre-defined rules library


Safety and security have long been trademarks of the railroad industry. Running on a track record of safety and compliance with industry safety regulations, railroads have a responsibility to ensure safe operations to employees, their customers, and industry regulators.

Governing bodies like the FRA have mandated that railroads follow various safety rules to ensure smooth and incident-free and operations. Depending on the territory of operations and their job roles, railroaders have to adhere to a specific set of rules during their day-to-day operations. Given the geographically diverse operations and a large number of job roles, railroads are faced with complexities in testing their employees for adherence with the rules.

In this Industry Perspective, we will take a look at how a modern operational testing system with pre-configured rules libraries can help railroads manage the complexities associated with operational tests and streamlines the operational testing program.

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