Unified Crew and Safety Management

A powerful suite of digital systems for effective, safe, and compliant crew operations

Put the days of manual processes, aging and inflexible legacy systems, and data silos behind you. The innovative railroad writing its modernization story is taking an API-first approach to critical, crew-related functions with a holistic view into the health of all crew-related, data-driving processes. Responding to changing regulations and fluctuations in demand is that much easier with streamlined crew and safety operations across locations through effective data management, automation, and advanced analytics.

Promote collaboration, data visibility and analysis, integrated functions, and organizational initiatives by unifying all business solutions for crew and safety management. Take the next step in unlocking data-driven insights to increase safety standards, better utilize and manage crew, empower your workforce to work more efficiently, and ensure service excellence.

Explore Unified Crew and Safety Management

Rapid, deployable solutions for the modern railroad

CloudMoyo Crew Management (CCM)

Agilely manage crew processes

Intelligent crew board sequencing

Optimized scheduling

Automated duty call assignments

Compliance with HoS, and other FRA and FTA regulations

Rule based algorithms to manage a complex multi-union workforce environment

Intuitive duty acceptance and claims tracking user-experience for crew members

Taxi and lodging bookings through mobile interface

Real-time visibility into crew data with advanced analytics

Operational Testing System (OTS)

Conduct rapid testing

Configurable test plan creation with flexibility for localization, safety best practices, etc

Seamless test execution in-the-field with mobile devices

Pre-imported rules libraries (including FRA, GCOR, MoW, SSI, Haz-Mat, Train Ride and Efficiencies, FTA) to ensure compliance with the latest regulatory guidelines

Notifications, and alerts identify compliance breaches and root causes

Role-based dashboards to track program metrics

On-the-Job Training Management System (OJT)

Standardize training programs for individual crafts

49 CFR Part 243 compliance

Configure training lists, checklists, and training workflow

Conduct mobile tracking and inspections

Access the latest training data and program status in real-time

Maintain updated compliance records through integration with business systems

Qualification Tracking System (QTS)

Track and manage crew qualifications, certifications, training, and testing in a cloud environment

Central repository for documentation storage

Track ongoing program status and crew license qualification information

Optimize trainer/trainee allocations

Conduct on-field inspections and briefings with a guided, mobile UI

Are you driving 35%+ gains in workforce productivity?

Business outcomes of Unified Crew and Safety Management


Compliance with FRA regulations and union rules


Reduction in manual data management


Improvement in crew productivity


Decline in safety incidents through proactive testing


Reduction in dwell time with optimized crew scheduling


Improvement in operational efficiencies of crew processes

Why CloudMoyo?

Our vision is to partner with today’s railroads in their modernization journey. The Unified Crew and Safety Management Suite of applications bring an API-first system and process integrations, single platform rapid deployments, accelerated user adoption through intuitive UI, customer validations, and effective data management to your enterprise. We are committed to helping you build your digitalization roadmap and enable you to respond quickly to changes in today’s transportation market with velocity and agility.

CloudMoyo Crew Analytics

CloudMoyo Crew Analytics powers engaging, role-based dashboards that you utilize to agilely respond to demand fluctuations, predict shortages, anticipate crew availability based on parameters like qualification validity, seniority, and availability. Drill down into a number of duties or dwell times across your organization’s top-10 stations, yards, or locomotives. In addition, get an aggregated view of IVR data such as problem regions, assignment status, and train call time.

Configurable, role-based access

We’ll make sure that your crew and safety solutions are configured for the needs and requirements of your organization through our configuration capabilities. Scale your access to critical crew and safety-related applications with configurable roles, and role-based dashboards and reporting. Give your workforce an easy-to-use, intuitive UI experience along with visibility into key metrics, accurate program status, crew, and safety-related data, and more. Business intelligence dashboards provide real-time, interactive visualizations of your data to inform decision-making at different levels within your organization.

Predictive crew and safety management

Prepare for the unknown with predictive crew scheduling leveraging historical and real-time data analysis to reduce delays and service availability. Transform your operational and efficiency testing checklists and task lists into streamlined, intelligent testing. Advanced analytics along with AI and ML algorithms analyze your data to identify root causes of accidents and incidents, potential quota shortfalls, and key performance areas requiring attention.

FasterTimeToValue™ deployment for rapid adoption

Quickly realize the full value of your modernization initiative with high interoperable systems for crew and safety management built on a single platform. Rapid configuration and deployment—along with intuitive UI for ease of adoption—ensure that you can quickly leverage solution capabilities to drive business growth and operational efficiencies.


“The next-generation CCM solution will substantially improve our capability to handle increasing car switching volumes, improve on-time arrivals, and optimize crew allocations. We expect enhanced agility of the new integrated system along with seamless user experience on mobile devices to clearly improve the operational efficiencies of our crew processes by over 90%.

Combined with the CloudMoyo Operational Testing System (OTS), the new CCM deployment is expected to transform workforce scheduling and safety while ensuring FRA compliance at TRRA.”

-Mike McCarthy
President, Terminal Railroad Association of St. Louis

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CloudMoyo empowers rail and transportation companies to gain greater insights, unlock efficiencies, and improve agility in operations, revenue and asset management as well as critical areas of safety, crew scheduling and maintenance. Combined with deep rail industry expertise, our cloud-based, AI-driven solutions leverage cutting edge technology to reimagine railroad digitization. 

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